Women in ANZAC
women in Anzac made then food and nursed the hurt people, many women where also actively involved as nurses and in other active service duties, other Australian women were also closely connected with war through male relatives and friends away on military service. Australian nurses have dealt with war- the sick,the wounded and the dead. They have been in war zone and on hospital ships and transport.


math reflection

I have achieved to learn about squared and cubed numbers prime numbers and a bit on the base 10 system but I am confused about the base 10 system.

I went to a squared and cubed workshop with miss nitschke and tiannis division workshop.

I learnt how to bust up sums, I learnt a stratergie to do with cubed numbers.

A goal that I would like is to complete is to clearly know the base 10 system. I would like to work faster and less playing around.

I am achieving this by going to a workshop and running a workshop.

Some big idea!

Time line:D

1787 first fleet

On the 13th of may 1787 eleven ships, 2 naval ships 6 convict ships 3 supply ships sailed from great Britain and stop in Australia with with aboriginals already living on the land. 

1817 first bank opened 

The first bank established in Australia 1817 it was called the bank of new south Wales.

1851 Victoria became a colony 

Victoria was separated from new south Wales and became its very own colony.

1854 gold rush settlement 

As a result of hold rush settlement in 1854 immigrants from all over the world came

1855 parliament house 

Facing the intersection of spring and Burke streets there’s the parliament house that now is very old. The idea was introduced in 1855

1859 indigenous Australians 


The indigenous Australians first occupied in Queensland.

1901 Edmund Barton 

Sir Edmund Barton was the first Priminister in Australia ever!

1901 flag competition 

The flag competition opened up in 1901 to see what the flag should be. Thug thought it was about time to have a flag. The flag was chosen from 5 different flags who entered the competition and it ended up how it still does today. 

1914 world war 1

World war 1 started in 1914 they landed in gallipoli.

1980 remembrance day

Australian of the year 2009  Mick dodson 

Following his parents death he boarded at monivae college Hamilton Victoria. He graduated with degrees in law from monash university in 1974. As the first indigenous person to graduate from the law in Australia. And he was the indigenous leader. He now lives and works in cammbera.

Indigenous perspectives 

Indigenous peoples did not own the land like European’s did, the land owned them. The British became familer with an aboriginal man, named bennelong in the early years of the colony, bennelong declared that goat island was his family’s home. This surprises the British settlers they thought the indigenous people had no home. The indigenous people were confused when he said it is his home.


These are some things i learnt from the cyber bullying people who came to school. the first thing they tought us was to make sure your privacy settings are high and your password is high. And to tell a trusted parent if something’s wrong. And don’t be a bystander or at least tell a teacher or parent.


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